Unlock your data to revolutionize your business analytics.

Unlock your data to revolutionize your business analytics.

Harness the true power of your data. Transform it into actionable insights that lead to real business impact.

Harness the true power of your data. Transform it into actionable
insights that lead to real business impact.


Leverage data as your competitive advantage.

AI strategy

Harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to achieve your greatest business aspriations.

Data & analytics strategy

Create a framework for leveraging data analytics to enhance information, insights, and intelligence across your organization.

Marketing strategy

Build advanced personalization, audience creation/segmentation, measurement, attribution, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (Marketing AI).

Digital platform strategy

Create and manage meaningful customer experiences with digital engagement across all platforms and channels.

Customer data platforms

Provide a unified view of your prospects and customers across all touch points and channels to deliver better customer experiences.

Data modernization

Power your future with data.

Data engineering

Design, build, and maintain the systems and infrastructure required to manage and process large volumes of data.

Data governance

Ensure the availability, usability, integrity, and security of the data used across your organization.

Data lake & data warehousing

Properly store, manage, and organize large volumes of data, regardless of source and format.

Applications & infrastructure

Become a fully data-driven organization.


Access custom-built software that captures data, delivers workflow automation, and streamlines processes.

Infrastructure & networking

Leverage cloud-based infrastructure and networking to facilitate effective data integration, provisioning, consumption, and lifecycle services.

Security & privacy

Ensure secure, privacy safe, compliant, and consent-based controls are automated throughout your organization.  


Unlock the power of your data through analytics.

Business & data analysis

Meet all your business needs with data-driven solutions.

Dashboards & visualizations

Get insights into key business measurements, metrics, KPIs, and trends.

Automated reporting

Facilitate automated delivery of key reporting to stakeholders.

Data science

Data intelligence to supercharge your future success.

Machine learning (ML)

Develop machine learning algorithms and operations (MLOps) that deliver predictive and prescriptive insights, optimize decision making and automate processes/tasks.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

Leverage deep learning techniques to develop models, solutions, and platforms that augment and mimic human behaviours to enrich decision-making.  

Industrial Internet of things (IIOT)

Optimize operations with smart sensors-based data capture for everything from anomaly detection to predictive maintenance and alerts.

Cognitive automation

Automate cognitive tasks that previously required human intervention, such as natural language processing, process automation, virtual assistants, intelligent chat-bots, and machine-to-machine decision-making.

Client testimonials

They listened to my needs and really understood the needs and business goals and thought about the best approach to meet them. They delivered a detailed pitch, backed by solid project management, but were still responsive to feedback.
Xiaobo Liu, Manager Digital Analytics, Cooperators

Harness your data
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