Drive better business strategy with data management technology.

Drive better business strategy with data management technology.

By fusing cutting-edge technology with operational thinking, Fastloop enables your organization to maximize efficiency and profit now and into the future.



Grow revenue per customer, and bring new customers into your sphere of influence.

Customer & prospect analytics

Develop a 360° view of your customers and prospects, enabling a deeper understanding of what drives purchases.

Sales dashboards

Provide all levels of your sales organization with robust, detailed metrics and measurement.

Revenue & margin/profit insights

Access real-time and predictive insights across the drivers that enable growth and profit across your organization.

Prospect diagnostics

Understand what leads prospects to become customers, and uncover insights to serve them better.  


Turn marketing from a cost centre into to a growth driver for your organization.

Audiences & segmentation

Use data to create and manage audiences, segments, and 1:1 communications at scale.    

Customer data platforms  

Get a 360° view of your customers, including identity resolution, analytics, and personalization across all channels.

Personalization & data orchestration

Unlock your data to deliver personalized communications across the entire customer journey.  

Analytics, measurement and attribution

Leverage data integration and machine learning to provide holistic measurement of all your marketing efforts and deep marketing insights.

Supply chain

Optimize your speed to market and cost of delivery.

Supply chain traceability

Understand the entire lifecycle of goods/services across the value chain.

Cost to serve insights

Access dashboards that deliver insights on cost drivers and impacts across your organizations supply base.

Demand forecasting & planning

Leverage scenario planning and optimization opportunities for future demand and fulfillment with prescriptive insights.

Warehouse management optimization

Unlock robust analytics across the entire production and distribution lifecycle.  

Information technology

Become a data enabler and deliver business value to all your internal stakeholders.

End-to-end data management

Deliver Enterprise Data Lake & Data Warehousing Services with ELT/ETL pipeline management and automation.

Reporting & analytics  

Empower business users to make better decisions with organization-wide automated reporting and self-serve analytics.

Data science

Leverage machine learning and AI services that deliver predictive and prescriptive insights and automation opportunities.

Managed services    

Lower overhead by outsourcing systems and infrastructure management.


Improve execution capabilities and operational excellence across all facets of your business.

Real-time operating insights

Access detailed operating levers across the organization to provide all operators the insights they need to make daily and strategic decisions.

Predictive operational insights

Leverage predictive and prescriptive insights for operations outcomes and performance management.

Revenue and cost analytics

Deploy drillable dashboards that enable a deep understanding of revenue and cost drivers across the organization. 

Process automation

Automate business processes that deliver lower costs and higher profitability.  


Produce more high value products with visibility across the entire value chain.

Improved visibility

Get a line of sight into operating metrics and health across all plants and business units.

Empower teams on the ground

Enable teams to answer their questions faster and more efficiently through self-serve reporting/dashboards.

Deeper understanding

Develop a better understanding of key factors shaping supply and demand management.

Data-driven organizations

Embrace integrated business performance that enables an analytics culture across the company.

Client testimonials

The Fastloop team delivers. They operate with efficiency, understood the project, and delivered the project requested.
Jules Hebert, Deputy General Manager, Montreal Centreville

Drive better
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