Technology Solutions

Revolutionize Your Organization with Connected Technology Ecosystems

Fastloop utilizes proven cloud solutions and robust technology tools to leverage what you have today while setting you up to take advantage of tomorrow. 

Connect Disparate Data and Systems to Create Your Competitive Advantage.

Disconnected data and disparate technology systems create unnecessary complexities and manual effort for teams. By creating integrations that automatically connect these silos of technology and data, your organization gets a single source of truth, stronger data, accurate metrics and holistic business intelligence with the ability to prove ROI and make the most of your investments.

Become an Organization Driven by Powerful Business Intelligence

With Fastloop’s services, you can drive cost savings, increase revenue, make real-time decisions, and ignite growth with unlimited scalability.

Our process is typically built around three key stages.


& Discovery

  • Data & technology audit

  • System analysis & insights mapping 

  • Strategic business & technology design

  • Current state to future state roadmap planning

  • Artificial intelligence & machine learning strategy

  • Use case development

  • Privacy & data governance

  • Investment structure & revenue/cost optimization planning


Technology Transformation & Implementation 

  • Technology modernization, activation & utilization

  • Cloud & advanced analytics integration

  • Data collection, integration, unification & activation

  • DevOps & security deployment

  • Data modelling design

  • Real-time reporting, metrics & KPI automation

  • Artificial intelligence & machine learning implementation 

  • Streamlining, advancing & future-proofing roadmap planning


Knowledge Transfer
& Capabilities Development

  • Current state and future state team analysis

  • Technical competency architecture

  • Training, workshopping and mentoring

  • Maintenance & support

Big data

Get the Business Big Picture

By leveraging the best big data products available, we help you assemble a complete view of your customers and your business that enables you to learn and act faster than ever. 

  • Build a clear vision to enable data-driven decision making across the organization

  • Create a 360-degree integration of your systems

  • Build actionable insights, processes and decisioning from data

  • Predict and respond to real-time business opportunities and challenges

  • Create a powerful and simple data security and governance plan

We utilize all Big Data products available, with a specialization in Google Cloud, including:

Cross Platform Big Data Experience

Fastloop has significant experience with many of the world’s top big data products, including:

Cloud Functions
Amazon Athena
Amazon Glue
Amazon Redshift
AWS Lambda

Google Cloud

Using Cloud to Solve
Your Technology Challenges

Fastloop has deep experience across all public clouds (including AWS and Microsoft Azure) and is a premier partner, licensee and reseller of Google Cloud; we can chart your unique path to success with solutions across the entire Google Cloud portfolio. Fastloop integrates into your team, implements systems and changes that drive your strategy and trains your team to utilize the new ecosystem to ensure future success.

Our experts can help your business succeed by decoupling analytical and operational work streams that bottleneck your teams during key time periods. We can also help build an integrated IT strategy that taps into third-wave cloud computing innovations, including full-managed services and automated and limitless scaling.

Additional Expertise

Cloud Migrations

We help move your business from on-premise legacy workloads to cloud based infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

Application Development

We help move your business applications and virtual machines into the cloud (platform as a service — PaaS).


Extract, load and transform important data efficiently and effectively into the cloud.


Minimizing technical debt across your team with cloud-based DevOps.


Best practices protecting all your business information.

Mobile SDK Databases

Deploy flexible, scalable databases for mobile, web and server development.

Advanced Analytics

Gain Business Insights
from Your Data

Fastloop takes you from knowing what happened, to knowing what will happen — and how to act. We make your data work for you with custom solutions or pre-configured plug-ins that deliver visual, language and conversational automation  — all made possible with artificial intelligence and machine learning APIs utilized by our team of experts.


Visualizing Your Results
with Reporting Tools

Complex data becomes easy-to-understand metrics and insights with real-time reporting that drives fast decisions. Our experts integrate custom models into any reporting or visualization tools. Fastloop can get you to actionable business insights faster.

Reporting & Visualization Specialties

Generate a Sustainable Advantage for Your Organization Today

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